The boys aren't the only ones with a stack of requirements and badges. The BSA invests heavily in passing along the lessons from the leaders of other Cub Scout Packs through Roundtables, Training Sessions and Online Courses.

The simplest opportunities are the Online Courses which deliver video, animated diagrams and quizzes whenever you have spare time. Anyone can register for the online courses and the Pack gets credit when we complete them. Most of the online courses can be found after registering with in the Online Learning Center. There's a list of both required and recommended courses as well as a number designed to teach how to handle each position with the Pack.

Some of the courses are:

  • Youth Protection -- Teaches the basics of Two Deep coverage and includes a number of the most important lessons for keeping kids safe. REQUIRED
  • This is Scouting -- A great introduction that teaches the basic structure of Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops and Venturing Posts. This is the fastest way for someone who doesn't know much about the BSA to learn about how the groups are organized.
  • Den Leader Fast Start - For those who are helping with Den-level activities.
  • Cubmaster Fast Start - For those who are helping organize the entire pack.
  • Pack Committee Fast Start - For the parents helping with the committee planning.
  • Leader Position-Specific - Tiger Cub - For those working directly with Tiger Cubs.
  • Leader Position-Specific - Wolf Cub - For those working directly with Wolf Cubs.
  • Leader Position-Specific - Bear Cub - For those working directly with Bear Cubs.
  • Leader Position-Specific - Webelos - For those working directly withWebelos.
  • Leader Position-Specific - Cubmaster -
  • Leader Position-Specific - Pack Trainer -
  • Leader Position-Specific - Pack Committee -
  • Physical Wellness -- Optional
  • Safe Swim Defense -- Optional
  • Safety Afloat -- Optional
  • Climb On Safely -- Optional
  • Trek Safely -- Optional
  • Weather Hazards -- Optional

Training Events
While the online courses are the most efficient, the events are often more fun. The Baltimore Area Council lists all upcoming events at their web site The most useful for the Pack is the Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation known as BALOO.

Other Cub Sites

  • Cub Pack 334 has a good list of resources including versions of BALOO training documents.

Archdiocese Training
The Baltimore Archdiocese offers online courses and the most important for the Pack is the STAND training. You can take the course here . All adults working with the Pack must take both the BSA's course and the Archdiocese's course. REQUIRED

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