• Q: Who can come camping?
    A: This is an opportunity for each cub to come camp with his family.
    As Cub Scout Packs don't camp on their own, each Cub must come with at least one adult.

  • Q: Can other family members come?
    A: Sure. Bring everyone. There's plenty of hiking and exploring to go around.

  • Q: What will be the activities?
    A: Hiking in the afternoon, playing on the playground, cooking dinner, and a campfire.

  • Q: Is there an official schedule?
    A: Yes, but we try to be flexible. Each trip has a schedule.

  • Q: We have baseball/soccer/lacrosse/something in the morning? Can we come late?
    A: Sure.

  • Q: Can we leave early?
    A: Yes. You don't need to spend the night. You can come for the hike, stay for dinner and leave after the campfire if you like.
  • Q: What does each family need?
    A: Anything to keep yourself comfortable through the night. This usually means:
    • a tent
    • a sleeping bag and pillow for each person
    • a tent
    • toothbrush
    • a plate or bowl for food
    • utensils
    • seasonal appropriate clothing
    • rain coat or poncho if rain is possible
    • sturdy shoes for hiking
  • Q: Do we need backpacks?
    A: Usually not. The parking lot is usually close to the group campsite and you won't have to lug things very far. You may want to bring a backpack to complete your outfit. (This varies from trip to trip)

  • Q: What tasks can we volunteer to do?
    A: Each event has a designated leader who coordinates all volunteers.
    • Buy food -- Burgers and hot dogs and some vegetables. Perhaps watermelon for dessert.
    • Build campfire -- The state often has firewood for sale.
    • Plan hike (If you're familar with the area, let us know your favorite destinations.)
  • Q: What about dinner?
    A: We'll cook hamburgers and hot dogs for Saturday dinner with potato salad, cole slaw and other extras. Dessert will be s'mores that evening.

  • Q: What about breakfast?
    A: This will be simple. Orange juice, milk, breakfast bars fruit and perhaps a few other items that don't need much cooking.

  • Q: Anything else?
    A: Each family and cub should bring snacks if they want other food. We will plan a snack for the hike like a granola bar.

  • Q: We don't have a tent. Can we borrow one?
    A: The Troop has offered to loan us some and some parents have extras so it should be easy to find one.

  • Q: What about rain?
    A: We'll make a decision toward the end of the week if the weather looks poor. We may change the date to Friday night because many feel that would be better than cancelling.

  • Q: What else can I bring?
    A: Stories, songs and skits for the campfire.
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